Playtex 18 Hour Stylish Support Wirefree Bra



Playtex 18 Hour Stylish Support Wirefree Bra One Pack Style#4608


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The first 18 Hour bra actually designed by loyal 18 Hour customers! Based on the popular Playtex 18 Hour Comfort Lace Wirefree. Open neckline fits todays fashions. Tapered Stay Put No-Slip straps. Soft, breathable cotton support lining.

Material Contain: Nylon, polyester, spandex & cotton.

Size Chart:

Playtex 18 Hours, Playtex Everyday, Playtex Cross Bras Women is also known as the complete bras range with high quality Undergarment brand for women's. Playtex constructs supportive bras with wirefree and Self-Adjusting for women using soft fabric that forms to the body's natural shape.

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